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  Netcom Data Systems (NDS) was established in October-1994 as a Software Development Company in Pune (India), Promoted and Managed by Mr. K. V. Mathew, Ex. Branch Manager, Digital Equipment Corporation (India) Ltd., engineer by profession with experience of over 32 years.
   We have successfully designed, developed and implemented softwares for DRDO (Govt. Of India), Indian Railways, Indian Navy, Bajaj Auto, Finolex Industries, DIAT etc.
Netcom Data Systems has an excellent track record of completing various projects successfully.
   We are engaged in providing IT & ITES solutions by designing and developing software applications as per the customer requirement and through our products & services, which can be used for various applications and provide technical solution to different requirements of an organization. At NDS, we work with our customers to help them proficiently deliver products to their end-users and ultimately, to maximize their core business. Our experienced team of industry specialists have an understanding of the industries and businesses in which our customers operate and the core competencies necessary for them.
   Due to our excellent track-record of successful execution of prior projects, we enjoy long-standing relationship with each of our clients as we work together.
  We continuously focus on innovation driven service delivery and optimized business models to derive maximum benefits to our customers. We have well qualified software development professional with years of experience in various platforms and domains. We have experienced professionals as Project Managers, Operations Mangers, Software Engineers, System Analysts, Quality Control Engineers, Implementers & Administrative staffs who believe in integrity and total success.



Netcom Data Systems realizes that today's competitive world requires organizations to have systems that quickly adapt to changing business requirements. Changing demands of the dynamic and highly complex market scenarios force businesses to constantly reinvent them to not only meet but also exceed their customers' expectations. Innovative business models have become the key to sustainable competitive advantage and profitability. This is why we offer a full suite of consulting services, from implementing customized solutions to designing specific IT strategies, to help your business stay ahead of the competition.

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise solutions are software applications that allow people to access and manage real-time information and transaction processes across an entire organization. NDS offers a turnkey solution for its enterprise solutions to help you redefine business management and operational excellence through innovation.

Systems Integration Services

Netcom Data Systems provides services for Data Migration, System Integration, Audit Trail and System evaluation. We provide optimized business solutions for complex businesses utilizing current technologies. We offer expert consultancy services for various database vendors like Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL etc.

Validation and Testing Services

Netcom Data Systems manages multi-technology IT Projects of various organizations and completes them within a fixed schedule and cost which is essential for getting the expected return on investment for companies. Netcom Data Systems offers a wide range of end to end solutions in ERP which helps differentiate companies from competition.

Document Management Services

Netcom Data Systems offers digitalized Document Management Services to help organizations to save time, money and also energy. We have our in-house software solutions for document management. We also undertake various document management services like scanning, indexing and data entry so as to keep a digital record of all important documents required from time to time.


Digital File Management and Tracking System

  Digital File Management and Tracking System is an office digitization software. Managing files and keeping track of files is a crucial activity in any organization. This avoids bottlenecks in file movements.
   DFTS provides barcode based [as well as manual] file tracking. Users can receive and send multiple files, to other users. DFTS tracks movememt of files from one user to other. Each file contain file detail, previous transaction history of the file. Each file can contain dynamic folder tree, in which user can add/upload multiple digital documents. These uploaded documents are available to next users, for file processing.
   The attached documents can be electronically signed. Digital Notesheet is available for to user remarks. DFTS is a role based, client-server application. Administrator can grant permissions to add, delete, view, print, download digital documents, to users. Administrator can set Autobackup, freqency of autobackup on server. Administrator can set user profiles details.
   The software is successfully installed and implemented in Proof & Experimental Establishment (PXE), Balasore, Odisa in Jan-2021 and Defence Bio-Engineering & Electro Medical Laboratory (DEBEL), Banglore in Mar-2021.

iLib [Intelligent Library Management System]

   iLib is a library management software. It is designed to manage all the functions of a library. It helps librarian to maintain the database of new books and the books that are borrowed by members along with their due dates. Administrator can issue books to users and receive books from users. Books issued can be tracked and traced. Various reports are provided to monitor books transaction history. Customized alerts are sent to users, for books that are not returned. It is used to maintain library records. It tracks the records of the number of books in the library, how many books are issued, or how many books have been returned or renewed or late fine charges, etc. It also allows users to access catalogue of available books.
  The software was implemented at Defence Institute Of Advanced Technology (DIAT) Pune.

Payroll Management System [PMS]

  Payroll Management System is an one-stop solution for Human Resources and Payroll related activities. It is a role based software.Administrator can grant user roles and permissions, delegate responsibilities, oversee approvals. The software allows user to choose different allowances, earnings, reimbursements, and perquisites for different employees.
   The software stores user bank information, user attendance details, overtime details. It also contains information about Gross pay, Deductions, Net pay calculation. The software generates monthly salary slips. Details for leave encashment, causual leaves, earned leaves, sick leaves are provided for payroll calculation. The software provides detailed payroll reports. Various MIS reports are provided to monitor and analyse the system.

netEstate [Real Estate Project Management System]

  netEstate is an easy to use construction ERP software that is completely web-based. It's fully integrated set of tools includes construction accounting, construction project management, equipment and materials management, service, HR and payroll, and reporting.
  The netEstate application includes quality and safety, design coordination, and building information modeling (BIM). The tool lets construction companies know what needs to get done to stay on schedule, and lets you identify issues before they impact your budget or schedule. The netEstate software is designed for mid-sized construction and service management companies. The netEstate software lets user to streamline project management by connecting operations in the field and back at the office. netEstate also provides plan management, real-time progress reports and accurate cost data by area and by job type.

netDoc Document Management System

  netDoc is a document management software. In any mid-sized or large organization, storing and retrieving a particular document is a tedius task. Physically stored document often gets wornout, teared or spoiled if they are stored for long duration.
  netDoc software allows user to scan all physical documents and store them in digital format. netDoc is available in Client-Server version, designed in VC++. Web based version of netDoc is also available designed in .Net platform. The software uses MS SQL server as database. Administrator can grant permission to users for document access. Administrator can create new roles for users. The scanned documents are encrypted and saved. Only authorized and authenticated users can access the documents.
  netDoc has been successfully implemented at Bajaj Auto Ltd Akurdi Pune, Finolex Cables Pune, Mantri Builders Pune.

Digital Library Dissemination System [ ITR, Balasore ]

  Finding a book on a specific topic in a library, is a tedious task. The library may contain thousands of books with hundreds of topics.
  Digital Library Dissemination System [DLDS] is an innovative web based software. With few clicks users can search through books for interested topics. The book contents, indexes are parsed using parsers and stored in database. Advanced search option helps user to narrow the search criteria. User can request for specific pages of book. Administrator can scan and send requested pages to user through application. User can keep track of reqested information. Administrator can also add periodic event and function information on portal. Provision to upload event videos, scoll gallary is given.
  Digital Library Dissemination System [DLDS] is successfully implemented at Knowledge Center, Integrated Test Range Balasore in Nov-2021.


DRDO Integrated Material Management System

  DRDO IMMS is an integrated inventory management and procurement software. The software has 14 modules such as Administrator, Budget, Masters, Foreign Exchange, Demand, Tenders, Supply Orders, Receipts, Inspections, Ledgers, Inward and Outbills, Cheques etc. The entire procurement process from budget allocation, demand registration to receipts and cheque generation is available in the software.
  The software is designed as per DRDO Procurement Manual guidelines. The software has features for tenders like Single Bid and Two Bid tenders, Local Purchase, DGS&D Rate contracts, Annual Maintenance Contracts. Users can raise demands, publish tenders, generate suppy orders, inspect received items, maintain inventory ledgers etc..
The software also contains integrated GeM and Item codification modules.
   In 2005 Netcom Data Systems was awarded IMMS customization and implementation by DRDO HQ.   The software is successfully implemented in 43 DRDO labs across India by Netcom Data Systems. Currently the software is successfully maintained by Netcom Data Systems in labs like Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE) Bangalore, Institute of Nuclear Medical Allied Science (INMAS) Delhi, Integrated Test Range (ITR) Balasore, Proof & Experimental Establishment (PXE) Balasore etc.
  DRDO is one of our major client from past 17 years.

Financial Management System [ Indian Railways ]

  Financial Management System was designed, customized and implemented at FA&CAO's Office, Lekha Bhavan, South Central Railway, Secunderabad by Netcom Data Systems. The software is integrated with MMIS.
   It is a Client-Server application with Oracle 10g database. The software contains 9 modules like Budget Section, Account Current Section, Railway Board Contracts, Suspense Section, Books Section, Fuel Section etc. The software supports activities from receiving bill from vendors to final cheque printing and suspense clearance. The software also has module for processing freight and oil transport bills.
  The software supports various activities like AU6 generation, Bill segregation, AU6 approval by officers, CO7 Generation, Approval of CO7, Cheque printing, Outstandig Debits and Credits report etc.

Material Management Information System [ Indian Railways ]

  MMIS (Material Management Information System) is a Client-Server based inventory management and forecast software. MMIS was customized and implemented by Netcom Data Systems at multiple locations in Indian Railways. The software was successfully implemented in South Western Railway (SWR) Hubli, South Central Raiway (SCR) Secunderabad and West Central Railway (WCR) Kota.
  The MMIS software consists of modules like Purchase, Depot, Uniforms, Sales and Auction. Purchase module includes activities like forecasting item requirements(NN85), requisition generation by depot users, segregation of proposals of same items from different depots, purchase proposal generation, floating tenders, purchase order generation, suspense posting. Depot module manages invetory at depot as well as local purchases. Sales and Auction module consists of scrapping and auctioning activities.
Netcom Data Systems has successfully customized and maintained the software for more than 8 years in these railways.

Vehicle Testing Management System [ ARAI, Pune ]

  Vehicle Testing Management System (VTMS) was designed and developed for Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) by Netcom Data Systems.
  Emission tests are conducted to measure whether the toxic gases emitted from a vehicle is under the prescribed limit or not. During the test, the professionals check the amount of CO in percent and other hydrocarbons in ppm against the prescribed criteria. To ensure that the pollutants emitted from the vehicles on road don't surpass the maximum limit. VTMS is an easy-to-use software that facilitates fast and efficient vehicle inspection and test-recording. It has customizable user interface, Transient data logging. It is web based application that stores vehicle information such as engine no, chassis no, vehicle registration date and test related data. Vehicle test data is collected and entered in the system. Based on test results, vehicles are marked as passed or failed.

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